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We have listed a few common questions. If your question isn’t listed here, please reach out to us!

When can we take home our puppy?

Unvaccinated puppies are vulnerable to illnesses. I know that everyone would love to come visit and play with the puppies but we will not allow it until the puppies are at least five weeks old. The puppies are our utmost priority. We will be happy to send pictures and videos to keep you up to date on their development. Puppies will stay with us and their mom until 8 weeks at the very minimum.

Can I come visit the mom/dam?

We will allow a visit by appointment only.

Why are Frenchies so expensive?

It costs a lot money and time to breed Bulldogs. Some of the common expenses are:

  • stud fees
  • insemination fees
  • c-section cost
  • veterinarian fees
  • genetic health testing
  • progesterone testing
  • ultrasound fee
  • premium food
  • puppy care supplies (heating pads, pee pads, blankets, feeding bottles, formula, shots, etc.)

These are just some of the associated costs of breeding Bulldogs. This doesn’t take into account that the puppies require round the clock care. I sleep near the puppies from the time they come home until they leave us. Breeding is a labour of love! We feel passionate about bulldogs and do it for the love of the breed.

What do you feed your dogs?

Bulldogs tend to have allergies so it is best to feed them a grain-free diet. We decided to feed them a raw diet. A raw diet consists of raw meat, ground up bones, and organ meats. Tripe and kelp is added to our food and the occasional raw egg, fruits, vegetables, greek yoghurt, and coconut oil. You don’t have to feed raw but you do have to feed them a good quality, high protein diet. We feel that if you cheap out on food you will pay down the road. For more information regarding what we feed and why, keep an eye out for my blog where I will discuss food in greater detail.

Can we reserve a puppy?

The first step is filling out one of my applications. If accepted, I will keep it on file. Once we have confirmed the pregnancy, then I will reach out to you and if there is a puppy you are interested in, we will require a $500 deposit if you would like to reserve the puppy. The $500 is non-refundable and will be deducted from the cost of the puppy. If, for some reason, you do not get one of the puppies from one litter you can transfer that deposit to a future litter.

What items will I need before bringing my puppy home?

Before bringing home your puppy it is best to get a few things such as:

  • puppy pads for training
  • dog bed
  • enzymatic cleaner to neutralize potty accidents
  • food and water bowl–there are all kinds of bowls out there. We have different bowls for our different pets needs. For example, we feed our youngest English bulldog out of a muffin tin to slow down her eating! She rips through her food and it is not good for her tummy. Our other girls eat out of stainless steel bowls.
  • kitchen scale–this is important if you decide to continue to feed a raw diet. Bulldogs can easily gain too much weight. Measuring their food helps keep track of how much they are getting
  • Puppy food–we feed our dogs and puppies a raw diet. I realize it is not for everyone. If you decide to switch to kibble, you will need to do so gradually and with a quality grain-free kibble. I recommend buying some prepackaged raw. We use Big Country Raw and it can be purchased online or at Pet Valu, Ren’s Pets and other stores. I will provide you with some to take home and a voucher for 4 lbs free.
  • Crate–we recommend crate training your puppy. It gives them a safe space when you are not able to supervise them
  • chew toys–stay away from stuffies that can be torn open and the stuffing eaten or with plastic eyes that can be ripped off and swallowed, and no rawhide and careful of bully sticks. We stick to antlers at our house