Love the One You’re With

Nothing like a pandemic or state of emergency to make you appreciate those around you. We’ve been asked to self-isolate ourselves and to only go out when absolutely necessary. It’s a scary time and no one is sure how long it will last. One good thing I can say is that I am getting in the family time that I have been craving.

We are a hockey family. We have two boys that both play competitive hockey and my husband that coaches both their teams and their house league teams. So needless to say, we are go, go, go around here. It has left me longing for Saturday morning movie snuggles, playing Monopoly and taking our girls for walks by the river. Be careful for what you wish for I guess!

The point of this post was to share with you the gratitude that I have for my family, human and furry. This extraordinary time will pass. Until then, love them, snuggle them and then kick their butts at Monopoly!

my fam jam

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